Bullfrog & Goldfield Railroad from Beatty to Goldfield.
This is a trip down the Historic B&G Railroad from Beatty to Goldfield.
The trip took about 8 hours with all the stops. We checked out many
camps and lots of cool stuff along the way. People in attendance were
B-Spec, Rubiblue, Dezdan, and Jerry G and friends. This was the first ever
Beatty Jeepers trip and hopefully there will be many more to come!
Entering Sarcobatus Flats
The crew on the R.R. berm out on Sarcobatus Flats.
Crossing Hwy 95 and heading north to Stonewall and Ralston
One of the few remaining structures at Ralston
One of the last stretches approaching Goldfield
And the day can't end without a poser shot in front of the Goldfield Hotel